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1.Train your people. Smart Manufacturing begin with people, not machines. 

  • Understand Philosophy of Digital Base Lean Transformation. Lean & Industry 4.0 tools, applications.

2. Develop Strategy for Digital Base Lean Transformation 

  • Technology, Process, People and Organization requirements.


3.Select Pilot Line, Choice Topic/s and Set Targets 

  • Smart Predictive Maintenance (Increase OEE: AI, Big Data Analytics)
  • Process/Quality Optimization (Big Data driven)
  • Process Visualization/Automation (Man Machine Interaction)
  • Integrated Planning and Scheduling (MES & ERP)
  • Resource Optimizations (Data Driven)
  • Automated WH (Pick by vision, Visibility, Glass, RFID)
  • Autonomous Logistics (Intra, Out Bound: Drone, AGV, etc)


4. Implement Lean & 4.0 Tools 

  • Current State Analysis (VSM)
  • Eliminate Muda in all process (operational & transactional)
  • Establish Material and Information Flow (Flow)
  • Set standards for each process of daily operations (Standard)
  • Support process with Digitation (Technology)

5.Check Result, Evaluate process and deploy

  • Lesson Learned
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